This is a subset of law that deals with the relationship between the state and the rest of society.

Deals with the rights and obligations of individuals, as opposed to those between a government and its citizens.

This is used to describe the set of laws that apply to any entity or individual around the world.

Freedom rights

Understanding these
first generation rights

It is important that people know their rights and freedoms because they can then use them to protect themselves from harm. When people do not know what their rights and freedoms are, they are less likely to defend themselves because they may not know whether it is safe or not to act in a certain way. A specialist law firm offers affordable legal and advisory services to help you solve any legal problem and face any challenge.

The Death Penalty

The related international texts

The death penalty is the execution of a person sanctioned by the state through judicial means, as you can see from the site. It is a form of punishment that can be inflicted on those who have committed certain crimes, and it was used as far back as ancient Greece. The death penalty has been used throughout history and the United Nations has repeatedly tried to create an international consensus on its use.

Employment and labour

Laws applied to

The laws applicable to employment and work in the business world can be complex. They affect all aspects of the workplace, including hiring, firing, promotion, pay rates, benefits and pensions.

Labour code

Labour code

Minimum wage, overtime pay, employment discrimination, breaks and more.

Commercial Code

Provides a unified legal system for regulating business transactions - from company formation to mergers and acquisitions.

Business Code

It specifies the procedures that must be followed in civil disputes, including judicial precedence, pleadings, petitions, etc.

Family Code

The latest
reforms in family law

The Family Code is the first major text to bring together the recent reforms of family law and to provide a comprehensive inventory of the law relating to marriage and the family.

The book’s author, Professor Fiona Raitt, provides an overview of family law in England and Wales, including an introduction to its legal principles.

NICTs and the Law

The Legal Challenges
of New Technologies

The law of evidence

The law of evidence

The set of rules and principles on which the courts rely to decide a case: the guilt or innocence of a person.

Property law

Property law

Governs the ownership and use of land. It protects your rights as a landowner and sets rules.

Online competition law

There are now start-ups that provide online legal services for a fraction of the standard prices.

Digital data protection

Data protection is particularly important. The foundations of business success lie in a reliable and secure digital foundation.